December 20, 2016

About us!



Ahmad Fahim Furmuli (President-AIMUN)

Hi Buddies, this is Ahmad Fahim Furmuli the president and founder of Afghanistan International Model United Nations. I have bachelors of Law from the American University of Afghanistan and currently employed by an International NGO in Afghanistan. I have been part of several national and international MUNs, competitions and conferences. In AIMUN, we have one goal and that is to bring change for you. AIMUN is a platform for opportunities, we will bring you new challenges, ideas, education, leadership skills, capacity building, critical thinking skills, teamwork, job opportunities and many more that will help you grow as a successful personality. As a youth my message to all of you is that “youths are like the links of the chain (future), the strong are the links; the stronger will be the chain”. Believe in yourself, challenge the world, stand for it and the change your future. See you at AIMUN March 2017!!!!     


Ghazia Popalzai- Under Secretary General

This is Ghazia Popalzai, senior Law student studying at American University of Afghanistan. I am currently working in PTRO (Peace Training Research Organization) as legal program officer. I have had national MUN experience as delegate and co-chair, also I am a senior debater having experience of national and international tournaments and championship. As a youth I believes that there is no elevator to success; you must take the stairs because success comes with hard work so do use from the opportunity we are providing, the path for success is waiting for you at AIMUN 2017.


Ahmad Siar Sattari- Procurement Director

I am Siar Sattari, your Procurement Director for AIMUN. I hold a bachelor degree in BBA from Kardan University and with seven years of experience, I am currently employed in an international organization. My MUN journey has started recently in 2016 which has inspired and motivated me to go for further such capacity enhancing programs. The team of AIMUN is working hard and strive being desperate of doing what particular duties we have stepped in with full devotion of our time, energy & intellectual to provide you quality services, so do not miss being part of this history making conference. Join us in AIMUN March 2017!


Mohammad Gouhar Ahmad Khanzai- Reporting Director

Hey everyone, this is Gouhar your Reporting Director for AIMUN 2017. I am a senior student of Business Administration in Kardan University with more than 12 years of working experience in the fields of Finance, Program Management, Donor reporting and Human Resources Management with NGOs. My experience of MUN started in 2016 and trust me it really inspired me to continue being part of such a great platforms. We are bring you a lot of good opportunities in AIMUN so do join us. I am looking forward to meet you all great and enthusiastic people in upcoming March 2017 in your AIMUN!!  


Mohammad Sadiq Afghan- IT Director

Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Afghan, currently pursuing MBA from Kardan University, he has done his BCS in Kardan and is Microsoft and Cisco certified. He comes from a strong IT background with more than 7 years of experience. He is currently working with an International NGO based in Kabul. Alongside his professional career in IT, Mr. Afghan is more obsessed in serving the youth of the country. His MUN career started in 2016 and he passionate to serve and welcome you all to AIMUN!


Samayullah Safi- Assis. VP/CFO

This is Samayullah Safi working as Assis.VP/CFO of AIMUN. I have completed my bachelor of BA-Finance in KARDAN University. I come with more than a decade of professional experience in business management and currently working with an international Organization in Afghanistan. My expertise are but not limited to business administration, financial and project management. I have been part of several MUNs and have learned a lot from them. In AIMUN, we are aiming to bring you best ideas, skills and development in both professional and personal capacities. We are impatiently waiting to welcome you all in your conference AIMUN 2017!


Sadaf Tahib- Dep. Applications Director

Dear Visitor, this is Sadaf Tahib your Deputy Applications Director for AIMUN and I have a bachelor of Spanish literature from Kabul University. I have so far been part of three MUNs in different capacities of organizers, executive board and delegate. For me MUN has been a wonderful experience with so many valuable lessons and memories. I encourage you all to apply and be part of this fantastic conference as we will bring knowledge, fun, networking and lots of other opportunities. Don’t miss AIMUN 2017! 


Mohammad Osman Frotan- Assistant President

This is Mohammad Osman Frotan, currently MBA student in Kardan University. I have completed B.A Economics from university of Pune India and has diploma in Financial Management and International Relations. I currently work with an international NGO in field of Finance and accounting. I have a very good background of Model UN and I am part of this enthusiastic team of AIMUN. As youths for youths we are working tirelessly day and night to present you with a great event upcoming in March 2017, See you there!



Shuja Noori- Assist. President

This is Shuja Noori currently a student at American University of Afghanistan and working in one of the International Organizations in Kabul. I am an Alumna of the US embassy and working as volunteer with American Councils for International Education. I have been involved in many big and small community services. I work to be the best on what I do all the time. The only thing I love the most is Smiling cause smiling gives us energy to be strong than before. Smiling faces will wait to welcome at the greatest event of all time AIMUN!


Samim Moneb-Dep. Committees Director,

My Name is Samim Moneb currently studying BCS in Kardan University and working with UN-FAO based in Kabul. I have been part of 5 MUN so far and my interest for such conference goes back to the skills and knowledge I gained since my first experience in POZiMUN in Poland. The greatest thing about MUN is its informative debates and discussion which involves finding solutions to international challenges in both theory and practice. If you want to learn diplomacy and have intellectual gain, join us in AIMUN March 2017.   


Farahzib Miri- Applications Director

Hey Dear Future Diplomats! I am Farahzib Miri, senior student of Spanish literature in Kabul University. I will be serving you as your Application Director in AIMUN. I have been involved in several projects for youth and my journey of MUN started in early 2016. My motivation behind organizing AIMUN alongside my teammates is to inspire Afghan youths to practice diplomacy today and become world leaders of tomorrow by providing opportunities for intellectual growth of these talented youths.  I am really excited of being part of AIMUN team and stay tuned as I will be directly involved with of you with regards to your applications. “Hasta La Victoria Seimpre” AIMUM 2017!


Jamil Omary- Video Editor

Hi dear MUNers, This is Jamil Omary. I will be serving as a video editor in this biggest MUN in the country AIMUN. I am impatiently waiting to meet you all and record all the memories and moments we will have in AIMUN. I have worked with Saba TV and USAID promote projects as video editor. Also, I am alumnus of US embassy and have been part of US embassy exchange to Turkey. I have experience of three MUNs as delegate and organizer and have been involved in various youth conferences and gatherings. I see MUN as a best place to make new friends, develop skills of debating, public speaking and team work. Counting my days to see you all in the conference!!!