Afghanistan International Model United Nations

18-20 May 2017

What is AIMUN about?

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It’s our distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the first edition of Afghanistan International Model United Nations and we will have the privilege to be your humble host this coming March 2017 in the amazing city of Kabul.
Afghanistan International Model United Nation is a platform where youths come together to practice diplomacy. In AIMUN 2017, we aim to pave the way for youths to grow, propose and share their ideas to help bringing change in mindsets of our generation, support the culture of acceptance and practice leadership skills to emerge as future strong leaders. Secondly, we are working to support women empowerment through discussion and debates over topics related to women rights, gender equality and violence against women according to Islam, Afghan culture and Western Values. Also AIMUN provides platform for youths to practice critical thinking and problem solving in there – the value of learning about a topic, analyzing different approaches to addressing it, recognizing perspectives regarding that topic that might not mirror their own.
AIMUN focuses to promote cooperative learning which promotes higher achievement, greater motivation, more positive interpersonal relations among youths, more positive attitudes toward the subject area, greater self-esteem and psychological health and greater social skills. Our mission as organizers of this conference is to provide all possible opportunities for youths to emerge as strong and successful members of this society.
It is worth mentioning that our talented organizing team is working hard day and night to welcome you all spirited leaders of the future to this amazing conference and make it life remembering experience for you!
Afghanistan International Model United Nation 2017, we will host over 300 delegates, chairs and co-chairs from across Afghanistan and Asian countries. Considering the importance of the concerns we are trying to raise through the MUN conference, we are looking forward to have you all talented youths to participate and play your role in execution of this ambitious conference.

AIMUN which uses “As a youth learn and practice today and as a leader apply tomorrow”, will provide delegates to participate and represent the countries of their wish in 5 committees and one extra ordinary committee of:
UN General Assembly
UN Environment Program
UN Security Council
UN Economic and Social Council
The Afghan Parliament- Extra Ordinary Committee

If you are ready to face the upcoming challenges in AIMUN do not forget to register and please do know that we only have 300 spots , so be quick!

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